◆FANTECH is foreign-owned enterprises, the introduction of Italy, Germany, Taiwan, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing process, in accordance with AMCA standards for the professional production of various types of fans. Factory in Xiamen since 1994, it covers an area of 20,000 square meters. We have all kinds of machine tools, and we provide system planning, fan selection, design and manufacturing. Our service include Materials by cutting, bending, assembling, balancing and testing into products, warranty, and maintenance highly responsible for pre-sale and after-sales assurance that the products manufactured and reliable performance and stability.

FANTECH is raising the standard of manufacture of fans by Introduced the West German technology to obtain the KNOW HOW of producing high-pressure (up to 3000mm AQ), high-temperature (up to 900 degrees) fans. And the fans will be produced for export back to Europe, so that products into line with international standards. At the same time, for these high-pressure, high temperature fans, we also introduced the baffle (damper) which tightness up to 99%, and expansion joints(Metallic & Nonmetallic Expansion Joint) which temperature can reach 1000 ℃. These equipments contributed to exhaust works such as incinerators, coal-fired boilers and power plants.

◆A) Fan 
We technical cooperate with the German factory-- Ventec, design and manufacture fans in China and use special steel plate imported from Germany to produce high-temperature ,high-pressure fan. Not only have various types of dynamic balancing machine which balance the maximum weight to 6 tons and the maximum diameter to ∮ 2800 of  fan wheel, FANTECH also has a wind tunnel lab in line with AMCA standards and certified from China. FANTECH now can make fans up to 3,000 kw, 360,000 M3/Hr, 30,000 Pa and 900 ℃.
◆Fan Blower
◇Backward centrifugal fan
◇Airfoil backward centrifugal fan
◇Radial tips centrifugal fan
B) Baffle
FANTECH can customize many kinds of baffle for different environments, suitable for room temperature to 900 ℃ and the leakage can be 100% seal. The largest baffle up 8M x 8M, and the airtight sheet material is using special nickel-chromium molybdenum alloy ( INCONEL 625B ) to make its density of airtightness increases. Simplely machine design of baffle makes  maintain easier in the future.
◇Butterfly damper
◇Louver damper
◇Guillotine damper
◇Stack damper
◇Poppet damper
◇High temperature

◆C)Boiler Emissions Muffler
FANTECH and Germany company, Soild,  technical collaboration manufacture boiler emissions mufflers, air blower imports ,exports the mufflers and the environmental noise improvement and so on.
◇Pop silencer for safety valve
◇Enclosure for tuebine generator set
◇Acoustic silencer
◆D)Metal and non-metallic expansion joints
FANTECH is engaged in high-quality metal and non-metallic expansion joints, flexible joint design, manufacture and installation. Whether single or multi-layer structure, fabric type, or fluorinated rubber (Viton ®, Fluorel ® ) we provide are the highest quality of materials used to overcome the high temperature or encountered by the exhaust pipe, variable-bit, high temperature, corrosive, dust particles, and vibration and other issues.‧
◇Metallic expansion joint
◇Nonmetallic expansion joint
Products above are widely used in power plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, steel plants, incinerators, paper mills, semiconductor plants, cement plants .‧

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